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Tokyo living

Tokyo living— but I don’t have a residence in Tokyo.
I take the express bus into Tokyo from the country. Reasons for coming into the city mostly includes studying
photography, and touring photo- and art galleries.

I use coin lockers when I have a lot of stuff.I stay exclusively in capsule hotels.
Maybe I pull off a Tokyo resident when I check out of capsule hotels.

For meals, I eat a lot of standing soba noodle places, which are easy and quick.
Maybe there’s an element of longing because there aren’t such places in the country.

There are just a ton of people, and it’s hard to even just walk around if you can’t ride the current of pedestrians.
On top of that, for some reason everyone is in a hurry.
People in Tokyo are frequently standing in line. Although, those people may be people from the country like myself.

People seem to appear, even in small desolate-looking allies.
Information is overflowing in the city. It is multicultural just from the large population.

Depending on the train station, those people that are active or gather differ.
I get the feeling inside that something is about to begin when I’m in Tokyo.
I am beginning to understand the rules of the town. It’s as if I live in Tokyo.

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